Story Behind Essential Joy Natural Products

Where did Essential Joy Natural Products get it’s start? Since 1999 I have attended several classes and seminars on natural remedies, wild and edible plants, hydrotherapy, etc.  I have used different herbs and treatments on myself and they have helped to heal various health problems.

One of the first products I made was a salve with cayenne in it for pain. I had been giving a 90+ year old lady a foot-bath and massaging her feet and legs.  One day I also rubbed them with the salve.  She said ‘You should sell this salve!’  I told her, ‘It’s not my recipe.’  ‘But, God gave it to you! You should sell this salve.’  I couldn’t argue with that.

About that time I had also begun making my own shampoo. My hair benefited and began to grow. So, I began to give away and sell different shampoos.  I continued to do research for other products and found an excellent book. Earthly Bodies & Heavenly Hair, by Dina Falconi. Woodstock, New York: Ceres Press, 1998.

At my grandson’s 3rd birthday party, my son-in-law suggested a name for the business and gave me many other ideas.  My son did some research and we decided on the name – Essential Joy Natural Products. My family has been very supportive from the beginning. This website is part of that support.

Over the months and years, God has encouraged me, sending new ideas, new customers, larger orders, etc.

And the journey continues…

       Essential Joy Natural Products provides products you can feel safe using for yourself and your family.


Essential Joy - Joy CavinsWho is Joy Cavins

I was born in Florida but have lived most of my life in Huntsville, AL.  Most of the important events in my life, except for the birth of my first two children, have happened right here.

 My work career includes teaching 2nd grade and Preschool for 7 years and School Librarian for 11 years.

 As a child, my mother often used a simple remedy for our ailments. Later, she gave me a book of water treatments.  I referred to it many times in caring for my children.  Those experiences were a spark that smoldered for a while; but has become a fire.

In the mid-1990s, I made numerous trips to the doctor for help with anemia.  Finally, a friend of mine told me about the book Back to Eden by Jethro Kloss. Carefully following the dietary and herbal remedies, over a period of several months, the problem was solved.

Since 1999, I have attended many Natural Remedies Seminars by various doctors and Medical Missionaries, from Wildwood Lifestyle Center, MEET Ministry and Uchee Pines Institute. These seminars have improved my health and I have been able to teach classes on using natural remedies, making lifestyle changes and Bible Study.  I love teaching!

My Hair Experience

Years ago, I finally decided to go natural.  During the last years of wearing a perm, my hair broke off in the back at least twice. It was time to let the perm go.

After wearing natural hairstyles for a few years, someone mentioned to me that I should check the ingredients of the shampoo I was using.  I did. I also read the labels of shampoo in other stores and saw ingredients I couldn’t pronounce.  I also wondered, why urea?

This drove me to look on the internet to find a recipe for making a natural shampoo. The first recipes I tried used essential oils and castile soap. The shampoo didn’t make a lot of suds, but it cleaned my hair, it smelled good, left it soft, etc.

Over time my hair began to grow.  Later, when my hair began to thin out on top, I found a recipe with herbs that would stimulate hair growth. [A friend had told me about her husband’s experience with a shampoo containing nettles]. Since using the herbal shampoo, my hair has become thicker in those areas and is continuing to grow.

I have also begun treating my hair ends with EJNP Hair Butter or one of my other hair oils – to seal in moisture.  As a result, my hair is now longer than it was even a year ago.

I believe that eating a plant based diet [lots of fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts and seeds] has also contributed to hair growth.