Essential Joy Natural Products offers a range of personal skin, hair and body care products for the entire family. Our products include – shampoos, hair oils and butters, salves and balms. We have products that women will enjoy for themselves. Three that are especially for babies and children [or for persons with sensitivities]. We have just added Beard Butter for men.

All of our products are made with ingredients from natural sources.  Each  product is paraben, dye, petroleum, phthalates, and sulfate free. Our ingredients damage neither the user nor the environment. We have researched  the ingredients that we use to know their effect on the body.

Each product is handcrafted at our home based business in small batches. This is to assure high quality and a longer shelf life. We use no animal testing.

What ingredients do we use – base oils and butters, essential oils, botanicals [herbs] and beeswax. All ingredients are listed on each product. Nothing else is added.

Because we are careful about the ingredients we use, we don’t use preservatives. However, we do use ingredients that help to extend the shelf life of the products themselves.

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