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Transitioning involves a change from one state or condition to another. With hair transitioning, the goal is to go from wearing permed or relaxed hair and return our hair to its’ natural condition. Natural hair wasn’t popular when I grew up.  To make our hair easier to comb or for special occasions like weddings, we always felt that a ‘nice hair style’ included straightening or perming the hair.  I remember wearing an Afro for a few years in High School and College. But, at some point I started perming my hair. Many years later, I began transitioning to natural hair. If you are planning to transition to natural hair, I’ve found some tips to help you avoid a lot of frustrations and mistakes. You will also understand how to care for a different texture of hair. Hair Transitioning Tips Be Patient – you will need a lot of patience and…

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Our skin is our most important and largest organ of our body. The skin protects us in many ways – it breathes, excretes, provides immunity, etc. Because it is vital to our overall health, we can should take steps to keep it healthy. Here are some ideas – Don’t smoke – it reduces blood flow to the fingers by 24%. Watch your diet – the Vitamin E in seeds, nuts and greens helps protect cells from free radical damage. Prevent sunburn and skin cancer – sunburns and intensive tanning beds can lead to skin cancers. Manage stress – stress compromises the body’s ability to heal wounds,it causes skin wrinkles and reduces the ability of the skin to regenerate itself. Be good to your skin – moisturize it. Use gentle soaps and a natural moisturizer following  hot showers or baths. For helpful tips follow this link  http://www.wildwoodhealth.org/blog/2013/08/16/twelve-lifestyle-tips-for-vibrant-skin/