Biracial Toddler Hair


Q. I am looking for a few (affordable) products for my little girl’s hair and I’m really not sure where to start! I currently just use a conditioning spray and curl smoothing creme from Just For Me, but it’s not keeping her hair moisturized very long during the day.

Is there a set of products that you could recommend from your shop, along with the wash/styling routine to go with them?


A. I spoke to a friend whose child is biracial — this is the routine that he follows for his 8-year old.  “I use the Herbal Shampoo to wash his hair. Next I put an organic olive oil conditioner in and brush/comb/finger detangle the hair and then rinse. I dry the hair with a towel and add the 5 Oil Conditioner*. Heat will dry the hair out and keep it from being nice and curly.

*In a small spray bottle, my friend mixes distilled water and oil – about 2/3 water to 1/3 oil. You may use the 5 Oil Conditioner or another oil such as olive, coconut, castor oil, etc.

For washing her hair, I would recommend using our Baby Shampoo and Body Wash. It is gentler. For styling her hair, you may want to use a little “Baby Coconut Oil.” It will help to moisturize her hair.

Don’t wash her hair too often [maybe, every other week]. Some people only condition their hair and never shampoo. Washing too often removes necessary natural oils. Essential Joy Shampoos are gentle – you need to shampoo your hair only once with warm water and then rinse in cool water. This will remove dust and excess oils to prevent stripping the hair.

***Remember Biracial hair and the hair of Blacks is different from that of other races. It will not look the same. It does not tend to be shiny, but curly. Handle it gently. Biracial hair is naturally dryer. When combing, use your fingers or a wide toothed comb. For other information, see websites such as:   Hair 101 has a lot of information about your child’s hair.

See also this guest blog post about her toddler’s hair regimen with pictures. [not biracial] She also adds less oil to the water in the spray bottle.

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