Nutrition and God’s Original Diet

Whether therefore, you eat or drink or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.
1 Corinthians 10:31 NKJV

When God created the world, He put in place everything essential to sustain life and for the happiness of mankind. This included God’s original diet that was best for them – fruits, grains, nuts and seeds and the Tree of Life. After sin God removed their access to the Tree of Life and in its’ place He added to their diet – vegetables.
After the flood God gave permission for flesh eating with certain restrictions. After a few generations, we notice the lifespan became shorter, until today the average age at death for Americans is 78.5 years. [2009 data.]
Once the children of Israel left Egypt, God’s diet plan was manna, but because of murmuring, He gave them their desire – flesh. [Exodus 16:1-35]
Daniel and his three friends show us the benefits of a life of commitment to following all God’s laws, including the Health Laws. They were proved to be ten times wiser than all the other wise men. Daniels’ commitment to God also brought him notoriety and promotions to become president over all the presidents and wise men. [Daniel 1:1-20]
Today, disease is prevalent with the laxness in the meat industry, to meet the demand for animal products. Many people have decided to avoid animal products all together. Science is more and more coming out with evidence to support this decision.
In Heaven God will once again take us back to His original diet plan and we will eat from the Tree of Life! [Revelation 2:7, 17; 22:2]
Getting back to a simple diet, saves time, you receive more nutrients from the food you eat, and it is beneficial to our health. Many people have seen various diseases reversed when they choose to follow a plant based diet. [at lifestyle centers* around the world, people are put on a simple diet of plants – eating foods as grown – no processing, and experience major improvements in their health.]

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