Tips for Maintaining Natural Hair

  • brushProvide your hair with adequate moisture to prevent drying and breakage. Moisture is a MUST!
  • Regular conditioning is also very essential. I deep condition once a week and I also co-wash. It will become a very important part of your natural hair care routine.
  • Keep heat to a minimum. If you must use heat, please invest in a good heat protectant. Keep in mind that heat (like chemicals) can alter and damage your natural hair texture.
  • Always seal your ends with oil to retain/lock-in moisture.
  • Stay away from products with unnatural ingredients.
  • Avoid using heat such as flat ironing or blow drying.
  • Manipulate your hair as little as possible. Wear “protective” hair styles then leave it alone.
  • Sleep with a satin hair scarf, hair bonnet or on satin pillow cases. Avoid tight braids and twists and elastic hair bands.
  • If you need to comb through your hair and when you detangle, be gentle. Always comb from tip to root. Avoid brushing and use a very wide tooth comb.
  • Buy a spritz bottle…fill with water and your favorite essential oils to moisturize your hair daily.

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