Lifestyle Tips for Your Skin

Our skin is our most important and largest organ of our body. The skin protects us in many ways – it breathes, excretes, provides immunity, etc. Because it is vital to our overall health, we can should take steps to keep it healthy. Here are some ideas –

  • Don’t smoke – it reduces blood flow to the fingers by 24%.
  • Watch your diet – the Vitamin E in seeds, nuts and greens helps protect cells from free radical damage.
  • Prevent sunburn and skin cancer – sunburns and intensive tanning beds can lead to skin cancers.
  • Manage stress – stress compromises the body’s ability to heal wounds,it causes skin wrinkles and reduces the ability of the skin to regenerate itself.
  • Be good to your skin – moisturize it. Use gentle soaps and a natural moisturizer following  hot showers or baths.

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