Substitue for Antiperspirant Deoderant

Have you wondered what natural product you can use in place of the commercial deodorants and/or antiperspirants? Many people are concerned about aluminum.

If you want something you are familiar with; something with ingredients you can pronounce, etc. etc. here is an idea –

Baking Soda!

TIP: Put Baking Soda in an empty seasoning jar with a shaker top. Just shake a little soda in each damp armpit and you probably won’t have irritated underarms.  I never have.

– – –

Several websites mention research that shows no definite link between the aluminum in antiperspirants and breast cancer or Alzheimer’s disease.…/antiperspirant-facts-safety

Here is a quote from Duke Nicholas School of the Environment

Antiperspirants and Disease: It’s the Pits

Is using an antiperspirant likely to cause you mischief? There’s no definitive answer — while there are links between aluminum and disease, the literature shows no clear causalities between disease and antiperspirant use. For example, while scientific papers have speculated about a link between antiperspirant use and breast cancer, a detailed assessment of the subject in 2008 concluded that “no scientific evidence to support the hypothesis [of an antiperspirant-breast cancer linkage] was identified and no validated hypothesis appears likely to open the way to interesting avenues of research.”

Similarly, there have been some studies (such as here, here, here) that appear to show an association between aluminum and Alzheimer’s, but the Alzheimer’s Association reports that “studies have failed to confirm any role for aluminum in causing Alzheimer’s.”

You decide.

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