Did You Eat Your Greens?

Greens- Essential Joy Naturals

Were you ever told – “Eat your greens!” If your meal consisted of canned greens, I can understand why you didn’t like them. However, have you ever tried eating¬† fresh cooked greens? Delicious!

Did you eat your greens, today? There are many good reasons to eat them daily. Do you know how good they are for you?

Here is a short video www.positivechoices.com — ‘Evelyn Kissinger shows you how she likes cooking greens and shares some of the great nutrients and health benefits of greens!’ You can try this method of cooking with your choice of greens.

Kale, Collards, Spinach, Mustard, Cabbage, Turnips Рgreens! So many to choose from! These are the greens we normally cook; but there are more that are used in salads.  Get to know the wide variety of greens.

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